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What's in your closet?

Note from Mary

The routine of choosing an outfit and the perfect shoes is an important part of your day. If your closet is a jumble, your day begins in chaos. That is why it is well worth the time and money to reduce the clutter and organize your closet!

How do you know if this course is for you?

*You would like to reduce the day to day stress of getting ready ​​

*You would like to save time as you get ready

*​​ You are late to work because you can't find your favorite blouse ​​

*You spend a lot on clothes and never have anything to wear ​​

*Your tired of being disorganized and would like some help

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Your Closet Edit 

*I will help you create a clutter-free closet sorted by color, season, necessity and occasion ​

*Maximize space and create storage, I will give you ideas for closet organization including shopping links or a list of stores to purchase organizational items, a slim ladder helps for higher items ​​

*We will inventory your clothes ​​

*We will inventory shoes, accessories, handbags ​​ ​​

*I will give you shopping links and create a digital look book, helping you create outfits with garments you already have

*For items you no longer need you may choose to put on consignment or donate, I will create a list of possibilities for you ​ We can update your closet by storing winter or rarely used items ​​

*We will create a beautifully organized closet so that it will be easy for you to access and find things

-Once we have completed the session, you will receive several images inspiration boards tailored to fit your unique style, personality, goals and dreams. You will receive a summary of our session and a special gift!
Virtual & email support in addition to a 45 minute Zoom follow up call (within two weeks)

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